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Wilmington Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyers

Eastern North Carolina Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyers

Many people purchase long term disability (LTD) insurance policies believing that they will be taken care of in the event that something happens to them that prevents them from performing their job. It's a sensible thought, and that is how those policies are marketed to people.

The reality is often quite different once you have been disabled. Your insurance company may deny your claim for disability or they may provide only limited disability benefits.

At The Law Offices of Kathleen Shannon Glancy, P.A., our Wilmington Long Term Disability Insurance attorneys can help you secure the benefits that you deserve under your insurance policy.

Ways Your Insurer Can Avoid Their Responsibility to You

Often the contracts upon which long term disability insurance policies are based are written so strictly that it can be very difficult to have your claim for disability accepted. Further, the insurers often utilize internal review processes to analyze a claim that often fail to recognize valid claims for disability.

Another scenario that occurs is that a claim for disability will be recognized, but for only a set period of time — two years for example — when you are unable to perform in your profession. After that period, you may be forced to reapply for disability, but in that instance, the criteria for what constitutes disability would shift from being unable to perform your profession to being unable to perform any profession.

What Can You Do When Your Insurer Denies Your Claim or Offers Only Limited Benefits?

You can appeal this decision by your insurer, and we can help you do this. We will also evaluate your insurer's behavior to determine if they have acted in good faith regarding your policy. If they have not, we will pursue a bad faith claim against them in court. A bad faith claim can be brought when an insurer fails to perform the duties they obligated themselves to under the insurance policy that you entered into with them.

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